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We have created a small number of exclusive Brocket Baby gifts for you.

The gifts can be sent around the world so that those unable to attend the Brocket Baby Days can still own a a wonderful gift that is exclusive to the Brocket Babies.

The Brocket Baby Booklet

This is the second edition of the very popular Brocket Baby booklet.  It includes a number of minor updates and additions over the first edition.  The booklet is printed on 36 quality pages cover to cover by our local printer and has around 40 photographs, it covers some history, the setting up of the maternity unit, some stories, images from 1942, and new to this edition, a section on Norah Pardey who was a midwife when the maternity unit was set up at Brocket Hall. A lovely present or keepsake for any Brocket Baby.

10 (plus postage at cost - UK 1.99 - overseas 4.90)


Brocket Hall Print

A lovely A4 size print of the Brocket Hall estate in winter with Brocket Hall itself forming a backdrop to the Palladian Bridge crossing the Broadwater Lake.  Hand printed in our studio.

12 (plus postage at cost - UK 3.00 - overseas 5.20)


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2.  Credit card.  All major credit cards are accepted.

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