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1.  A story from Dr Ruth Shrensky (Australia) - received 8th April 2017

I decided to write a small autobiography for my grandchildren, so naturally I had to begin with my birth.  My mother liked to tell me that I was born in a Stately Home - Brocket Hall, Welwyn, Hatfield - and today, 76 years later, I looked it up on the web.  I had no idea I was a famous Brocket Baby!

I was born 13 November 1941, to Ann (née Lazarovitch - the birth certificate spelt mum's name wrongly, 'Nazarovitch') and Abraham (Alfred) Shrensky, and named Brenda Ruth, home address 1 Mare Street, Hackney.  A few years later, my parents became naturalised British and anglicised the name to Stern, so I went by the name Brenda Stern till I was about 25.  I'd never liked either name (nasty school teachers used to chant 'Stern by name and stern by nature' as I was a very shy withdrawn kid and rarely smiled - the opposite now!), so since then I've used my middle name and my birth surname.

Mum didn't tell me much about Brocket Hall, but she idolised Lord Brocket as a 'real gentleman': generous and humane. She thought it was wonderful that he gave up his home so I could be born safely.

Good luck to all of you!

Best wishes




1.  An article sent in by June Helps - received 19 April 2017

Ginny , as she is known, was born in Kensington on 16th April 1917.  She worked at Waterlows banknote dept where she met her husband Victor.  When the war broke out, he was sent to De Havillands at Hatfield Aerodrome for reserved occupation as an A.I.D. inspector.  During this time they lived in Hatfield to start with and then moved Stanborough Lodge.  Ginny worked at Murphys Radio coil winding dept until her children, John born in 1945 in Welwyn Garden City and June born in 1947 in Brocket Hall, which was used as a Nursing Home at that time.  After the war her husband returned to his former employment as a geometric lathe operator at Waterlows in London engraving bank note patterns. In 1949 the family moved to New Malden Surrey until 1969 when her husband retired and they moved to Limerstone on the Island.  In 1984, after husband died, she moved to a bungalow in Rookley where she lived happily and had wonderful friends and neighbours, in particular, Jean Nunn who lived across the road . In 2015 June 15th Social services moved Ginny to Autumn House after she fell and broke her hip and she became less mobile. The family would Like to thank Janice and all her team at Autumn House for the great care they show to all their residents and the wonderful home they make for Ginny and the lovely party that they put on to celebrate her 100th birthday.