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1.  A story from Peter Bradley - received 29th December 2017

My mother was Winifred Lillian Bradley who sadly died in October 2000.  She didn’t talk much about Brocket Hall, except to say that I wasn’t born in the actual Hall, but in an ‘outbuilding’ on the estate! Does this make sense?

Thank you for your email asking me to send a photo of my birth certificate.  I’m afraid it is only a copy.  As I said in my previous email, my mother didn’t tell me much about my younger days, except to say that I was born in the grounds (not according to my certificate) and that she was friendly with Lord Brocket!  She also told me that my father captured Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, so some of this might have been made up!

Ed.  I enclose an extract from my reply to Peter as it may be of interest to others:

Thank you for the photo of your birth certificate, it confirms you are one of the Brocket Babies. The Register of Births is a heavy tome kept under lock and key, so the Registrar issues parents a Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth. They can be ordered at any time from the General Register Office for a fee which is currently about £10. The certified copy you have from 1945 is just as valid as a certified copy your mother may have been given in 1942.

There was a house across the road from the Brocket Hall Estate Gate House called Lemsford House that was used in connection with some of the births and records, but as far as we know all births took place in Brocket Hall itself and mostly in Lord Melbourne's Room. During its history Lemsford House was also private house, a vicarage, and has now been converted into flats.



1.  A story from Dorrit Maltby and Peter Lowe - received 7th October 2017

The email from Dorrit and Peter gave the sad news their brother Martin Lowe had died in France where he had been living for 15 years but also included some memories of the time.

Dorrit says:  I am his older sister Dorrit, and I remember visiting my mother at Brocket Hall when I was 5.  I was especially impressed with the lions outside my mother's window.  I also remember her showing me the new baby through the open window.

I have attached a photo of my mother and me with little Martin, and another of me on one of the lions.

Brocket Hall is a beautiful place and we have visited the grounds a few times, especially in bluebell season.

Best wishes from

Dorrit Maltby (older sister)

Peter Lowe (younger brother)