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From Doreen Glover - from notes handed over at the Brocket Baby Day - 24 August 2009


Was It a Dream?

It was about 2am on 7th November 1949 that I was helped up the grand staircase by ambulance men to the delivery room where my son Brian was born.  For the first couple of days I thought I had dreamed of my grand entrance, but the nurse assured me I wasn't dreaming.

I spent about two weeks in a room with a couple of other mums.  It was quite a busy time for the nurses and tiring for the mums.  We were confined to bed for 8 days in those times before we were allowed to put a foot out of bed.  We had blanket baths daily, bed pans when wanted, and were sponged down with Detol water.

We read, knitted, and slept daily between feeding babies.  I was very lucky as my bed was close to a window where I could look out on the cold frosty mornings across the vast grounds and see birds and rabbits.

Towards the end of my stay at Brocket Hall, I believe it was Lord Brocket who came round to wish us all the best for the future.  He asked if we had had a look round, and if not, to take the opportunity to look in at the hand painted Chinese Room.  I did and it was spectacular.  On the way out walking down the staircase it was just as I remembered.

Trying to Get Back

For several years I still had that wonderful memory of Brocket Hall and thinking how lucky I was that my son was born in such a beautiful place.  I was telling a friend how I would love to visit and she suggested I write.  I did several times but had no reply.  I had moved several times and if they did answer it was never forwarded to me.

In 1959 we rented our first television set and it was then I saw Jimmy Saville on Jim'll Fix It.  I wrote several times but again, no answer.

A Dream Come True

In 2004 I was reminiscing to a friend and they looked up the telephone number of Brocket Hall for me.  I rang and was told they hold a Brocket Baby Day yearly.  Of course I was over the moon that there was one being held that September, I booked four tickets.

I can't describe what I felt walking with my son into that wonderful Hall and seeing that staircase again after 55 years.  I was quite emotional.  After a short speech and a glass of wine we all wandered around the house.  The Peacock Room was just as I remembered it.  It was a very nice warm sunny day, we had a lovely meal outside under a large umbrella, and drink was served by waiters.  We had a nice walk around the grounds, it was a very memorable and pleasant day.   Of a Dream Come True.

60 Years On

I am now going to spend my second visit to Brocket Hall on the 24th August 2009 to celebrate my son's 60th birthday and I am sure it will be as exciting as the first.