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From Alan Lowe, the very first Brocket Baby - received 20th September 2009


It was already arranged for Dad to be one of the people evacuating children, (He worked for the LCC) so after he had taken me to City of london Hospital for the birth to take place he had to be doing this.  So was unable to keep in touch as to what was happening to me.

I was prepared for operation for a caesarian operation & later told by a doctor that it would not be taking place. (In fact it did)

Mr Christy Brown (surgeon) I had seen at Harley St, was making (or had just made) arrangements for we mothers to be evacuated to someones large home.

I was taken (with one or two others) to Brocket Hall in a small car by someone who of course didn’t know the way & we hoped our babies wd not be arriving before due date!

Having arrived and gone into the grounds, we had a lady come out of a small house at the right side, bob to us & then open the gate which was right across.  We continued for a while & eventually came to Brocket Hall itself where they found deckchairs for us to sit on. (What a sight, with our bellies sticking out in front).

After a bit one or two of us thought we would go inside & have a mooch round for a bathroom & lav.

All the single beds belonging to Brocket Hall were in process of being moved out to find room for hospital ones.

We nosey ones went about the house - no one to stop us & found the bathrooms (huge rooms) – talk about how the other half lives!

By the way – later Dad had to get a special allowance of petrol to come and visit me, - once he had managed to find where I had got to, & I was worried because I thought he had been bombed – not having heard from him for ages.


One of the other ladies said her husband had forecast the war would last for 7 years, - he wasn’t far out was he?