The Brocket Babies

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From Alan Lowe - The First Brocket Baby


(Written when I was 9 days old - 12th September)

Brocket Hall



Dear Mother

I am glad to say I am feeling very much better, the doctor says I am going on splendidly. But it seems I am to stop in bed until 22nd & shall not be leaving probably until 2nd Oct. I expect it will seem a long time but Leslie is pleased he wants me to get really fit & strong before going back home. He has been here twice, thank goodness looking a bit better the second time. The strain has taken it out of him dreadfully. He nearly cried when he told me of the hundreds of mothers and babies he had to herd into the trains for Somerset and go with them there.

He left here much easier about me, though, & is now settling down to the temporary offices at Egham. He won’t get rid of Timmy (the cat) yet, although I said I thought it was best. Our new neighbour is looking after him for us.

We are calling the new baby Alan Brocket Lowe, the “Brocket” after this Hall in which we have found such a blessed haven in this time of stress. Lady Brocket came in yesterday & I was introduced to her – she was very pleased & interested to hear that it was a son. We had quite a little conflab on the history of the house.

Leslie hopes to be able to manage to call for you (in Greenwich) to come to see me on Sunday. You’ll be sharp to be ready when he calls, if he does, wont you as it’s a case of getting away quickly for him to get home before dark & he may also be picking (his) father (living in Fulham) up too.

Love from Lily