The Brocket Babies

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From Alan Lowe - The First Brocket Baby


This first letter was written 2 days after I was born, by my mother to her mother, the second written probably a week later. My father Leslie, who was an education officer in the London County Council, had been tasked to accompany groups of evacuees to places in Somerset, a job which coincided with my mother's transfer to Brocket Hall and the birth itself.


City of London Maternity Hospital

Brockett Hall

Welwyn Gdn City




Dear Mother

I donít know whether you will have heard from Leslie (my father) as I have not seen or heard from him since he saw me in London on Friday.  I hope he is all right - only it is so difficult to get any news. They brought me here and operated on Sunday - a bonny boy of 8 lbs 13 ozs - I knew it would be heavier than the other (stillborn 2 years previous).

They havenít let me have the baby to feed yet so I hardly know I have it yet Ė except for what Iíve been through, by Jove.  Iíve had loads of injections & can still only just see enough to write this or would have done so before.  The words keep swimming.

A letter for Rose (my mother's sister - another aunt of mine) is enclosed.  All the best.

Love from Lily