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From Alan Lowe - The First Brocket Baby


This letter was written by my father to his mother-in-law and another one of her daughters (Daisy) then living in Greenwich.


28 Kinross Avenue

Worcester Park




Dear Mother and Daisy

I have just arrived here from Somerset, where I placed my last party of mothers and children, so I have only just seen your letter.

Soon after I got back, a neighbour, Mrs Essex, received a letter from Lily to say that a boy, weighing 8lbs has arrived. I gather from the tone of the letter that everything is alright, but I am going to see Lily tomorrow morning and will then be able to let you have the latest news.

Lily went into the City of London Maternity Hospital on Thursday last (Aug 31) and was evacuated from there on Saturday (Sept 2) and this was all I knew before I started my travels so I had to wait until I returned before I could get any definite news.

Lily's address now is City of London Maternity Hospital, c/o Brocket Hall, Welwyn, Herts. This is about 25 miles north of London, so I cannot say at present whether anyone will be able to visit her. I must close now in order to get the post, but will let you have further news as soon as possible, and if I can manage it I will call and see you.

Kindest Regards