The Brocket Babies

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On this page we list questions from babies, mothers, and staff for others to answer if they can.  Please feel free to email us questions and answers.

When answered the information is moved to the Facts page.


Q.  Does anyone know of someone named Amy Nockels in 1947?

Q.  Does anyone remember a young girl called Dorothy Dean who gave birth to a daughter on January 2nd. 1943. She named the baby girl Susan. Dorothy is presumed to be an unmarried mother so would have been in Lemsford Hall. Susan was adopted in June 1943.

Q.  Does anyone know of someone whose name sounds like "Monday" in connection with Brocket Hall, maybe in 1949?

Q.  There was a bomb blast at Brocket Hall in 1940 - does anyone have any information they can offer on the topic?

Q.  Were any babies born at Brocket Hall as a result of the Royal Army Medical Corp being at Hatfield House at that time?

Q.  Does anyone remember a member of staff with the Christian name of Jean?

Q.  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Sister H Haynes who worked at Brocket Hall in 1942?

Q.  A bit of a long shot, but someone is trying to find a lady member of staff at Brocket Hall whose home address was a farm in Corbridge upon Tyne.

Q. "Desperately Seeking Susan" Susan Groupman born 30th March 1947 in Brocket Hall, but subsequently adopted. Your biological relatives would like to make contact, David.  Please contact