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July - August 2018

Brocket Baby Day 21 August 2018

What another wonderful day arranged by Brocket Hall for the Brocket Babies.  From doors opening to doors closing it was wonderful to see so many Brocket Babies enjoying the surroundings they were born in.  With all the main rooms open we could all see the delivery room, the nursery, and the famous Prince Regent suite with the Chinese design of wallpaper.  The staff seem to enjoy the day as much as we do and were so professional and helpful, I should mention Adam Treloar for making a really good job of organising his first Brocket Baby Day, Jonathan the Head Chef for another remarkable lunch, and Alan the Head butler who has a remarkable talent of making things run like clockwork in such a discrete manner you may even not have noticed him.  Thanks also to Julie Appleby for the informative talk on the history of Brocket Hall, and finally of course to Michael Longshaw who arranged the first Brocket Baby Day on 12 April 1997 and who returned to Brocket Hall a couple of years ago to direct the management of the estate and still oversaw the arrangements for our 2018 Brocket Baby Day.

The Brocket Baby Day Photographs

The photograph gallery for the 2018 Brocket Baby Day is now on the Photos webpage here, this year we have added an image of the ground floor plan and some commentary to the image titles to help guide you around the building.  If you would like a print of the full group (DSC-4715), or just the Brocket Babies group (DSC-4707), you can use the form on the Photos page or email

An Auberge Experience

We are delighted to announce the winner of the Brocket Hall Auberge Experience for two people drawn at random on Brocket Baby Day 21 August 2018 was number 720 Richard Young living in London. 

An Auberge Experience


This is the website of the world famous Brocket Babies.

8,338 Brocket Babies were born within the safety of the walls of Brocket Hall, and in the peace of the countryside, over several years of running the Brocket Babies website we have been able to establish contact with over 1,000 of those Brocket Babies spread over 25+ countries around the world.  We have been able to babies in contact with each other and in some cases have been able to sensitively reconnect some family members.

Brocket Hall was used by the City of London Maternity Hospital before and after the destruction of the in patient section of that hospital in London EC1 by enemy action.

This website was created to allow those who were born, gave birth, or who worked at Brocket Hall to share read events of those times, to make contact with each other, and to share stories passed on to them by their families.  Whilst many babies have always known they were born at Brocket Hall there is a small but increasing number of those who were born in Brocket Hall and subsequently adopted and only found they are one of the World Famous Brocket Babies when they obtained their original birth certificates.

If you are a Brocket Baby, a mother of a Brocket Baby, or worked at Brocket Hall at that time we would love to hear from you.  If you send us your name and date of birth at Brocket Hall we can send you the access passwords for the protected pages.  If you would prefer to just send us any stories or answer any of the questions on the website then please feel free to contact us.

There are no fees involved and the site is free of advertisements, we cover all the domain registration, web hosting, and website update costs ourselves.  There are a few quality gifts for those who like something tangible to mark their place of birth, but we do aim to almost cover the costs by making a small charge for them.

Please email us at to make contact, and let us know if you are content for us to add you to the list of Babies, Mothers, or Staff.


  1. Welcome - Welcome to another 10 Brocket Baby arrivals last quarter (April, May, June 2018).  As far as we can tell all are currently living in England.  This now brings the total across the world to 1,045.

  2. Stories - There are some more stories and some questions from Pamela Bignal on the Latest Stories page for you if you can help with any answers it would be much appreciated.  The story from sister Gina was sent in 2017, but for some reason it never made it to the website, so here it is now at last.  If anyone else has any memories handed down to them we would love to hear about it.  A few lines, or a few pages, everything is welcome and helps us imagine life in Brocket Hall at that time.

  3. Brocket Baby booklet - The Brocket Baby booklet has been edited to update some of the material we have found.  This is the first update since it was first printed in 2011.  This second edition is now available to order on the Gifts page and copies will be available at the Brocket Baby Day.

In the beginning - We started creating the Brocket Baby records in January 2008 hoping to make contact with a dozen or so others to swap a few stories, by May 2009 we had made contact with 100 Brocket Babies and were so pleased to have so many stories shared and Brocket Babies making contact.  Since then we have just kept going.  Website search engines keep highlighting our website, Brocket Hall have organised Brocket Baby Days, the local and national press have printed stories about Brocket Hall and the Brocket Babies, I made a live broadcast on Australian Radio in 2011, more recently, in 2015, we had press coverage of one of the midwives who delivered hundreds if not thousands of Brocket Babies, and there is now a book printed with a chapter on Brocket Hall and the Brocket Babies.

We would like to thank every one of you for providing information about yourself and for the many stories and pictures, the information you have given has made this website a real help for many who were born or had had babies at Brocket Hall.  Without your contributions this could never have happened.

We really hope you find this project of interest and always enjoy meeting as many as possible at the Brocket Baby Days.


Note 1: If you have contacted us but do not receive our monthly emails would you please send in your current email address so we can update the records.

Note 2: Brocket Babies also has a Facebook page at, however, it is not regularly monitored so please email us rather than place messages there for us.

Note 3: If you are planning a trip overseas near one of the Brocket Babies you might like to drop in.  Quite a few have said they would like to meet up with other Brocket Babies.

Note 4: Please note the new Brocket Babies and Mothers are highlighted in red on the Baby and Mother Lists each quarter.